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Application - Relapse

Post by Relapse on Tue Jan 19, 2016 6:48 am

In-game (Steam friends) Name: Relapse

Steam account ID/profile: STEAM_0:0:24220385

Age: 22

Country: US

How long have you played CS:S Zombie Escape already?: Almost 3yrs with a big gap since I last played

Are you often active and well known at (mostly i3d) zombie-escape servers?
I'm a newcomer to most servers. I have recently been getting back into ze, finally done with school, and i play maybe 2-3hrs a day depending on work. Most of you guys wont know me nor most people since I havent played since the start of college.

Are you skilled at advanced movement, for example bhop and strafe-running?
I know all forms of advanced movement and I am pretty skilled at bhopping.

You must agree to never use any form of hack, bhop script or anything similar that will give you an unfair advantage in-game.
I never have and never will use any kind of hacks nor scripts; the only hacks I have are my skills:)

Why do you want to join •ZES•
I remember always seeing you guys in game and noticing every time how highly skilled players all of you guys are. I possess qualities that might make me a good addition to your team.  Since you guys had it on your main page to apply I thought why not, what a great way to get back into ze again.



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Re: Application - Relapse

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 26, 2016 12:20 pm

Hello there,

We will close the application process, because of our inactivity.

We currently can't test you.

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