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Post by f0rZe on Wed Feb 17, 2016 6:15 pm

In-game name: !f0rZe

STEAM ID + Profile link: U:1:47527089  


Age: 20

Country: Russia

How long have you played CS:S Zombie Escape already? 10 years

I'm basically a team player, good with an item, try to hold back the zombie as I can, I like to improvise in order to achieve victory at any cost. Good landmark on the map, and I know what to do in any situation. Now I have 2 dreams.1. To get to the ZES and 2 pass Harry Potter ^ _ ^ I have enough wins all the cards listed above, you can see my screenshots in the profile and thus often ends up on YouTube. I like very much to participate in the event, they motivate me to win. I love when people want to play a team, rather than trolling each other with. I help beginners learn the game. At the moment, I am trying to take maps with high ping. And yes lastly I will say I am a good player like you.
In anticipation of a good command of the game and the complete absence of inadequacy.

Usually I play 10 hours a day, as much free time:D

I do not need it , but I agree

i want to Enter the ZES because ZES users have special skills and good bhop. i watched and i heard. i want to be good player so keep try my effort. because Nothing is impossible.
i can feel ZES traditional Zombie Escape. i want to learn and succeed the ZES


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